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Keene Engineering 2" Backpack Dredge with Suction Nozzle and Marlex Floats

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Keene Engineering
2" Backpack Dredge with Suction Nozzle and Marlex Floats



Keene 2" gold dredges are very popular for those wanting a very portable suction dredge at a much lower price than larger gold dredges. These gold dredges are perfect for day trips or exploration where mobility is of prime importance. Remember that 2" dredges do not move very much volume and so are best used on or near bedrock where gold values are most concentrated. Keene 2" dredges are exceptionally powerful with a motor and pump combination capable of running a 2.5" dredge model. And Keene 2" dredges feature their oversize powerjet with quick coupling system. This dramatically reduces clogging and in the rare event of a clog, allows for quick and easy access to the hose. Compare to the competition and see why a Keene 2" suction dredge is your best value in a small, portable gold dredge.

This super high powered backpackable dredge is equipped with a quiet, lightweight, heavy-duty Honda GX50 engine. This highly efficient engine can run up to five hours on a single gallon of gas. This engine and pump combination produces an unbelievable 100 gallons per minute and up to 160 feet of head pressure. The 10 by 36 inch sluice box is specifically engineered for fine gold recovery and easy clean up. The Model 2004 is constructed with an aluminum frame and is supported with either flexible black vinyl inflatable or grey hard cross-linked polyethylene pontoons. Inflatable pontoons are ideal for easy storage and transportation while the cross-linked polyethylene floats are exceptionally durable and light. The suction nozzle is ideal for working in shallow conditions.
Includes 15 feet of suction hose and 17 feet of pressure hose.
Dredge capacity 1.5 yards per hour.
Net weight 66 pounds.
Shipping weight 90 pounds.
For extremely shallow water conditions, a suction nozzle is recommended.

Note: In order to equip this dredge with a power jet, you will need to purchase the following:
1. PJ2O Power Jet
2. 4 feet of 1.25 HD Pressure Hose
3. 1 PHC125F Pressure Hose Couplings
4. 2 each SS16 Stainless Steel Clamps
5. 1 PJFAQC 2 inch Jet Flair Quick Coupler Adapter
6. 1 ST2 2 inch Suction Hose Dredging Tip