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Keene Engineering 4" Deluxe Gold Dredge with 6.5HP Honda & Air Compressor

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Keene Engineering
4" Deluxe Gold Dredge with 6.5HP Honda & Air Compressor



Keene 4" gold dredges are the workhorses of the industry. A 3" dredge can be expected to process up to 1.5 - 2 yards of gold bearing gravel per hour* but a 4" dredge can be expected to process up to 3 yards per hour*, an increase of 50% to 100% in your ability to process and recover gold. Once you are into the gold it is the volume of gold bearing gravel processed that decides whether an operation is profitable or not. This Keene 4" gold dredge features the famous Keene 3-stage box - the 4" dredge is the smallest dredge to offer this big dredge feature. The 3-stage sluice offers enhanced fine gold recovery, and the more hours you operate, the more important this will be. Keene 4" dredges of course feature their oversize powerjet with quick coupling system. This dramatically reduces clogging and in the rare event of a clog, allows for quick and easy access to the hose.

Keene's deluxe 4" dredge has all the features of the larger professional dredges. This is the most popular 4" dredge in the world! The 4" dredge is ideal for the prospector requiring a light portable dredge with capacity to move large amounts of material. Experience the professional 3-stage recovery features of Keene's larger dredges. Experience fine gold recovery, in a lighter and more compact dredge that will out-perform any double or triple sluice on the market. This unit includes an air compressor for working underwater if desired (optional dive gear required). The 4" Deluxe also features a four piece modular marlex frame and float assembly for better stability in fast and deep water. The floats have recessed tool and hardware holders molded in their tops. And although when assembled you have more floatation than the 4" Ultra because it breaks down into four separate floats instead of two each float alone is easier to handle. However, as good as the frame and floats are it is the 3-stage recovery system that steals the show on the 4" Deluxe gold dredge.

*Yards per hour are estimates only and can vary depending on the size and shape of the rocks and gravel and how hard the material is packed. Operator expertise has a large impact on the amount of gravel a dredge can process due to more experienced operators being more efficient and less prone to clogging the dredge.

  • 3 stage sluice box for unsurpassed fine gold recovery. The best in the business!
  • Keene's powerful P180 pump with oversized pressure hose
  • Honda 5.5HP GX200 motor for durability and fuel efficiency
  • T80 air compressor mounted to pump and motor assembly
  • Keene oversize power jet with quick coupler system
  • The flotation is extremely light and compact and can be assembled or dismantled in a matter of a minutes