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Suzuki Outboard Motors | In Line 4 | Mid Range | Portable | V6 Outboards |

Suzuki Outboard Motors | In Line 4 | Mid Range | Portable | V6 Outboards |

The Superior Choice

Power Through the Water with a Suzuki Outboard.

No other outboard company matches Suzuki’s innovative approach. When it comes to designing lightweight 4-stroke engines, Suzuki continues to stay a step ahead, featuring exceptional throttle and cutting-edge technology to take you to the edge of your horizon and beyond.

Browse our Suzuki Outboard motors to start living the Suzuki way of life this summer. Learn about our complete Suzuki lineup below and stop in to take yours home.

Learn More About our Popular Suzuki Outboards:

 Suzuki In-Line 4 Outboards

In-Line 4 Outboards

These four-stroke outboards are packed with features that provide large displacement, lots of torque and plenty of power. You’ll enjoy clean running and ultra-low emissions.

 Suzuki Mid-Range Outboards

Mid-Range Outboards

Three cylinder options bring lean burn performance with big block power. Get ready for outstanding reliability and exceptional throttle response thanks to its oil-bathed timing chain.

 Suzuki Portable Outboards

Portable Outboards

Ranging from 1 to 3 cylinders, these compact outboards are ready to go wherever you take them. Enjoy years of high-powered use with battery-less electronic fuel injection.

 Suzuki V6 Outboards

V6 Outboards

These powerful outboard motors are designed for voyages to distant offshore fishing locations. You’ll find the power you need for any on-water adventure thanks to a whopping 350 max hp.

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