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Ski-Doo Grand Touring Snowmobiles

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Ski-Doo Grand Touring Snowmobiles

At Alaska Mining & Diving in Anchorage, Alaska

Some adventures in the snow take you farther than others. As your riding experience gets longer and longer, you’ll need different features so you’re more comfortable and riding more efficiently. That’s where the Ski-Doo Grand Touring snowmobiles come into play. They come with more powerful engines to help you go the extra mile while also providing comfortable seating so you won’t get fatigued as easily. Not to mention, their superior suspension system will help smooth out all the bumps in the snow. You’ll still have agile handling and be able to tackle any obstacle with ease, but you’ll be able to focus on enjoying the ride, rather than getting it under control. There’s even room for a passenger if you want to share your experiences.

If this sounds like your kind of snowmobiling, then stop by Alaska Mining and Diving Supply in Anchorage, Alaska and let one of our friendly staff show you around the models we have available right now.

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