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Ski-Doo Summit Snowmobiles

Ski-Doo Summit in Anchorage, AK

Ski-Doo Summit

The Ultimate Adventure Snowmobile

When you’re hitting the slopes this winter, you want the ability to ride your snowmobile for hours on end. When you invest in a Ski-Doo Summit Snowmobile, you get all that and more. These snowmobiles were expertly designed for days of long, effortless riding without stopping. The response to rider input is impeccable so you can take tight turns and slink between narrow tree lines with confidence. Not to mention the power-packed E-TEC engines are stronger than ever and have been built to conserve your energy so you’ll make it to the top with ease.

With the Summit Snowmobile, you’ll enjoy the REV Gen4 platform that was designed with the mountain rider in mind and provides you with a whole new level of handling and agility. The powerful engine features a push-button start with virtually no added weight. How can one snowmobile be so amazingly quick on the slopes? The secret is the new pDrive clutch, which features fast and friction-free dual rollers that transfer torque in place of traditional sliding buttons. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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