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STACYC™ Cycles

Child on Stacyc Cycle

STACYC™ Cycles

At Alaska Mining and Diving in Anchorage, Alaska

There’s nothing quite like sharing your greatest passion in life with your children. It might seem tricky to navigate, though, when your passion is biking and off-road powersports. After all, you want your child to feel confident and safe while learning the skill you love so much. Fortunately, that's where STACYC™ Cycles come into play. This revolutionary design features an electric powered balance bike, which is the perfect way for young children to have fun while they learn to ride with two wheels.

As a matter of fact, this design is so groundbreaking because it’s the first powered balance bike that can give kids the confidence they need to start riding. Even if your child has only been walking for a short while, they can ride a STACYC™ Cycle. Once your child has mastered coasting and braking, they can begin utilizing the powered phases. This is an effective way for children to gain all the skills of bike riding while accommodating the extremely low seat height and low weight ratio. This impressive skill level simply can’t be achieved with standard kids bicycles.

Stop by Alaska Mining and Diving Supply today to check out our selection of the incredible STACYC™ Cycles today. We’re conveniently located in Anchorage, Alaska and would be happy to help you find the model that’s right for your child.

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12E Drive

For those who are brand new the world of biking, the STACYC™ 12eDRIVE is an excellent choice. These cycles are great for learning how to balance, push, and coast in the non-powered mode. Once they’ve gotten the hang of it, you can help them start using the powered mode. This model is ideal for children of ages 3 to 5 who weigh less than 75 lbs.

16E Drive

Once your little ripper has gained some valuable riding experience, consider investing in the STACYC™ 16eDRIVE. This amazing cycle is ideal for users between the ages of 4 and 7. Over time, your child will be able to learn the use of the twist throttle. As their skills continue to develop, they can gradually increase to medium speed. There will be no shortage of fun with this cycle!

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